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My Second Web App Ever - Calllogg

Keegan Leary
Keegan Leary

Calllogg is web app that I built using the Django framework for Python and Postgres as the database.  I needed a quick and easy way to jot notes while on the phone with my recruiters and then sort through them later.

Calllogg allows a user to build a rolodex of contacts and take notes on any platform since it is web based.

Design requirements:

  • Add a call with "one click"
  • Ability to filter by person and/or date
  • Ability to reference notes from previous calls with that individual while still recording minutes of the current call.  (I.E. "Well last week you said...")

You can try it for yourself (requires creating an account) here

Check out the code on Github!

Keegan Leary

10 years in the Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Officer. Soon to be be Naval Reservist. Fitness, Books, Cooking, and Coding.