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Day 15 of 100 Days of Code

My solution to the Coffee Machine Project on AppBrewery 100 Days of Code.

Keegan Leary
Keegan Leary

Posting my solution to the coffee machine project to see if anybody ever lands here... enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

from data import MENU
from data import resources

def check_resources(p):
    order_requirements = MENU[p]["ingredients"]
    print(f"Checking resources for {p}")

    for key in order_requirements:
        if resources[key] - order_requirements[key] < 0:
            print(f"Sorry, not enough {key}")
            return False

    return True

def deduct_resources(p):
    order_requirements = MENU[p]["ingredients"]

    for key in order_requirements:
        resources[key] -= order_requirements[key]

def process_coins():
    quarters = int(input("Enter Number of Quarters: "))
    dimes = int(input("Enter Number of Dimes: "))
    nickels = int(input("Enter Number of Nickels: "))
    pennies = int(input("Enter Number of Pennies: "))

    t = quarters * 0.25 + dimes * 0.10 + nickels * 0.05 + pennies * 0.01
    print(f"You paid ${t:.2f}")

    return t

def check_transaction(total_submitted, item_cost):
    change_amt = total_submitted - item_cost
    if change_amt > 0:
        print(f"Here is ${change_amt:.2f} change.")
        return True
    elif change_amt == 0:
        print("Thank you for providing exact change.")
        return True
            f"Sorry that's not enough money. Refunding {total_submitted:.2f}")
        return False

while True:
    prompt = input("What would you like? (espresso/latte/cappuccino): ")

    if prompt == "off":
    if prompt == "report":
        for k in resources:
            print(f"{k} :", resources[k])
    if prompt == "reset":
        resources = {
            "water": 300,
            "milk": 200,
            "coffee": 100,
            "money": 0.0,

    if not check_resources(prompt):

    cost = MENU[prompt]["cost"]
    print(f"A {prompt} costs ${cost:.2f}")

    total = process_coins()

    if not check_transaction(total, cost):

    # Update machine track of money
    resources["money"] += cost


    print(f"Here is your {prompt}, enjoy!")

Keegan Leary

10 years in the Navy as a Nuclear Submarine Officer. Soon to be be Naval Reservist. Fitness, Books, Cooking, and Coding.