Up Bird!

Just fly as far as you can and grab all those coins! Avoid the planes and lightning clouds out to take you down.

Ski-in' Pete Prototype

Procedural Level Generation Testing Ground

Fan Surfer!

Surf the clouds on your trusty fan. Just don't hit anything!

Greenie's World! Demo

Short game to learn Unity and "Game Feel"


Grappler is a game I made to prototype some grapple and rope mechanics

Space Boy

Game in Unity following Brackey's Tutorials

Pong Clone

It's a pong clone in Unity


Don't drop the ball...

Pinocchio's Pizza

Pinocchio's Pizza is a food-ordering web app I designed for Project 3 in CS50 Web


calllogg is a call logging (notes) app that I built to keep track of the many phone conversations I have with my recruiters.


thelifecal is a calendar that displays your life in weeks inspired by a blog post from "Wait But Why?"