Wait But Why and "The Celery Test"

May 3, 2020

"The Celery Test" as outlined Simon Sinek's book, Wait But Why, is an excellent model for creating an authentic business plan, habit, personality etc.  "The Celery Test" defines your identity.

Just finished reading Simon Sinek's book as recommended by my previous CO.  It's a great read to get the mind turning on what I'm actually doing here on Earth, but a lot of it isn't fresh in my opinion.  Also, just about every chapter has pages dedicated to Apple and why they are just a grat company.  Sprinkle in some Southwest Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Harley-Davidson, and BAM! you've read the book.

My major take away was "The Celery Test" as a framework for authenticity.  Let's say you and/or your business is about health.  Not you get a lot of business advice from reputable people saying "We bought M&Ms and doubled are revenues!" or "Go get yourself some Oreo cookies, it's the major trend right now!"  Another person says, "You need celery to up your business."

OK.  So you're at the supermarket now.  What do you choose?  If you buy everything, you aren't staying true to your identity which might be "I am a healthy person" or "We are a business that promotes healthy living."  If you buy just the celery not only are you being more thrifty, but you are signaling to eveyone in the supermarket "I am a healthy person" or "We promote health."

Your decisions and actions follow your mission.  "The Celery Test."