The Renaissance Man

May 2, 2020

The Renaissance Man is self reliant and independent.  He is an individual who can tend to his own needs, appear confident in any crowd, and assume responsibility.  The Renaissance Man does not fear experimentation or challenge.  He gives himself permission.

Sincerity is the key to interacting with others.  The Renaissance Man realizes the importance of a name and a smile, and expresses appreciation at every opportunity.  Knowing that first impressions can often be poorly conceived, he does not condemn others, but rather seeks to understand them.

Rarity is aura of The Renaissance Man.  He is constantly outside of his comfort zone, can behave differently than expected, and looks at problems in a unique light.  He is motivated in specific directions, but believes that life has no prescribed path.  He meets an uncertain future with eagerness.  With a virtue for trying new things, he is in turn led through interesting experience and story.

The Renaissance Man recognizes the importance of friendship.  Persons of the highest caliber are rated on how they impel others to live a better lifestyle.  The network of the Renaissance Man consists only of high-caliber individuals.  He encourages others towards discovery.

Sentiment, feelings, and conditions change quickly.  The Renaissance Man must adapt.  He approaches everything with a positive attitude of excitement.

The best lifestyle focuses on health, learning, creating, and sharing.

Excuses are a crock of shit and there is no time to tarry.  Younger men have led regiments into battle, and won Olympic gold.