Demo For Greenie's World is Up!

June 28, 2020

I made a new Unity game.  Requirements for this game were:

1. Create the art from scratch.

2. Focus on character and "game feel".  Notice the animations and effects as you move Greenie around the level.  subtle things like camera shake, grass sway, landing dust, and idle animations go a long way and I had fun learning about many different aspects of Unity by focusing on these.

3. Create at least 2 levels.

4. Create a means to build levels easily (Tilemap and lots of Prefabs).


Some places to still improve to upgrade this game from "Demo" to "Game"

1. Reset or Hurt Greenie when he bumps and enemy (currently Reddy just pushes him back such that only way to die is to fall).

2. Improve lives UI (Bigger).

3. Add a timer so Ryan can speedrun it.

4. Add more enemies.  Add more level decoration.

5. Make a more "eye pleasing" backgorund.


Let me know if you have other feedback!