Up Bird!

Up Bird! is another endless runner game. My focus here was on trying out some new art styles while improving my code and solidifying some concepts from Fan Surfer. One major thing I wanted to accomplish was to scroll the background and objects rather than the player and to put in some sort of collectible. I thought I would get to building out a "store" where the user can purchase upgrades or skins but I scrapped the idea in favor of launching and moving on to something else. For me this game just doesn't have the right fun factor. Not sure it's too easy or too repetitive or what. But Fan Surfer seems to hold my attention more despite being simpler.

The big difference between this one and Fan Surfer is the Generator System. Up Bird! randomly spawns new objects based on how far the last object has traveler, whereas Fan Surfer just spawns more objects incrementally with time. Up Bird's system is a nice improvement because when the AI determines that an object should be generated, it chooses a random selected distance.